Sociology and aging economy

Each age group has its own social status which influences the society and the economy productivity. Aged people usually attract more attention and have high social status in agrarian societies. Their life experience and knowledge are of great value which allows them to be active.

Urbanisation and industrialisation are reducing the status of aged people. Generally the education level is increasing and this, unfortunately, negatively influences the knowledge appreciation of elderly generation. Their experience doesn’t seem to be as important as it used to be.

Physicians proved major aging changes are noticed with the temporary storage and the reaction moment. Both factors lock down and are the subject to further research. However, if an aged person is given extra time for solving a problem what doesn’t require modern knowledge he can easily live youngest in the dust. Many elderly people leaving through successful aging make efforts to support their cerebration by learning something new and networking with younger generation.  Retirement age varies between 55 and 70 y.o. depending on the country.  The gap is explained by lifetime and working capacity.

Elderly people get retired when finishing the most productive period, entering the psychology adaptation issues:

  • ·       Lack of demand;
  • ·       Extra free time;
  • ·       Financial difficulties;
  • ·       Age restrictions (i.e. people after 70-75 can’t drive a car)


Elderly people often try to protest against changes by increasing their tolerance. Family relations became the center of attention for the aged people.

Lack of occupation for aged people causes financial problems in both industrial and post-industrial societies. Therefore elderly people can rely only on their own savings, help of their kids and society. They tend to save more than spend as the future seems vague.

Today many societies offer different forms of social programmes for aged people. Unfortunately, none of these programmes can offer similar pay as younger generation earns.  

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