Dizziness and tinnitus.

Головокружение и шум в ушах

What causes dizziness?

• Cause №1 The brain is not getting sufficient blood supply. There is a vertebral artery between the sixth and the second vertebra. On one hand, this protects the artery from harmful interferences, on the other hand causes vertebrobasilar insufficiency, as doctors call it. As time passes, cervical spine begins to transform as affected by osteochondrosis. Distance between the vertebrae begins to collapse. This causes irritation and spasms of the cervical artery.

Long-lasting compression of the artery causes insufficient blood supply. The symptoms of this are unsteady gait and dizziness.

If this is the case, one should consult a doctor, who will probably prescribe manual therapy, massage of cervical spine.

• Cause №2 Cerebral Atherosclerosis. Obesity and high cholesterol are the causes of the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the blood vessels which reduce blood flow to the brain. To prevent the formation of the plaques one should take statins, change one's diet in order to lower the cholesterol level and try to bring the weight back to normal, as well as take heart aspirin which thins the blood, thus preventing the formation of the thrombuses.

• Cause №3 Meniere's syndrom. The inner ear is responsible for the orientation. It is a natural gyroscope. If as a child one had middle ear infections frequently and one's parents didn't take care of it, then this can cause dizziness and tinnitus in the future.

If this the case one must consult an otoneurologist.

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