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Продукты для глаз

When you eat healthy food you not only live longer you enjoy life more. Today we are speaking about three products for your eyes. We will see why they are useful and how they influence our sight.

Sweet potato also known as Chinese yam. If you cut this root crop, inside it will be orange, like carrots or pumpkin. It is no coincidence, since sweet potato contains a large amount of pigment called beta-carotene. It is from this pigment that two vitamin A molecules are produced, which play an important role in the process of visual perception. (We recommend you to read an article about the use of vitamin A). Vitamin A is needed for the synthesis of of a substance called rhodopsin.

To make it simple, the fundus of the eye is the "rods" and "cones". When light photons reach the fundus they affect these "rods" and "cones". It starts nstant reaction of rhodopsin decay. The nerve impulse is transmitted by nerves to the brain and the person realizes what he sees. Without vitamin A, the development of rhodopsin is not possible and if the body is deficient of this vitamin then in humans, in particular, develops disturbance of color vision, and they see badly in the twilight.

If you include this vegetable into your diet, 30 grams will be enough to get daily value of this essential vitamin.

Fish of the salmon family. Fish is the source of p olyunsaturated fatty acids of Omega 3 class. The function of these acids is to help regulate cholesterol metabolism and remove from it low density cholesterol. This prevents forming atherosclerotic plaques that lead to vascular narrowing of the lumen. It may be not so noticible in the large vessels , yet it is dangerous for health, and in small ocular vessels such plaques can lead to rapid loss of vision due to the fact that the retina is poorly supplied with blood. Add to your menu 80 grams of fish daily and then you will get the daily requirement of the mineral acids.

Green lettuce. As all members of the cabbage family, it contains lutein and zeaxanthin. Both substances belong to the group of carotenoids and their study revealed that they are part of the macula. This is a yellow spot located on the retina. Macula is responsible for central vision of man. Protective role of these substances in that they do not let retina degenerate.

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