Smile more often and the world will smile to you in return


Many people wish prosperity, happiness, mutual love, easy life. However, there are more important things: harmony between the world and yourself. Is there any secret for prosperity and success? How to possess the desired harmony? Psychologists know the replies to all these questions. The secret is hidden in ordinary smile. With the help of smile we can survive all the difficulties and barriers, change our mood adding colour and emotions. Our smile enables to change the mood of other people – they would smile us in return. Social unrest will melt thanks to mutual smiles.

If you are in a bad mood make yourself smile, and you feel better. Japanese say, the strongest person is the one who smiles. When smiling we activate our nerve terminal, and our brain receives positive signal.

Smile can make us moiré attractive and self-confident. People desire to be next to happy and smile person. Therefore our smile will give us the desired attention.

The choice is always yours – whether to go and smile or not. The world loves and blesses merry people.

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