Mrs Alla Fedoriovna Eremina

Mrs Alla Fedoriovna EreminaMrs Alla Fedoriovna Eremina was born in 1933. She has graduated from St.Petersburg Mining Institute in 1956. She was working at the preparation plant; then machine tools institute and “VNIIASBESTCEMENT” factory in Leningrad. She is an associate professor of St.Petersburg engineering and construction institute, and a corresponding member of the International Academy of safety and ecology. At the moment Mrs Eremina is the Director General to the Scientific Innovative Centre of Construction and Fire Safety. 


1. Alla Fedorovna, what would be your recommendations in reaching a success?

I believe a truly successful person should be a hard-worker. Only those people are lucky which enable to self-improve.


2.    It is often said there are few positive faces outside. Why?

All my life I tried to avoid communicating with people bringing negative in order not to follow similar moods. Therefore, I can say I am surrounded by exceptionally positive people, optimistically looking into the future.  


3. What are you striving for?

At my age I know exactly what I am striving for. I am trying to give love to the people around. Life loses its sense without love. I want to live in harmony, friendship, cooperation, mutual support. It brings me energy, inspiration and happiness. I would like this condition to stay for years.

4. What characteristics do you value in people?

Kindness and tolerance are the key characteristics for me. I believe kindness is an essential to soul. It is in the heart and in the ability to be unpretentious. Kindness is always shoulder to shoulder with responsiveness.  Tolerance is also one of the best human qualities. People should be taught tolerance since childhood.

5. Have you always been such an open-minded, goal-oriented and communicative person? Have you had to work at yourself?

No, I have not. I have always felt self-respect, precisely moving towards my goals. I am an optimist and it helps me to be strong, survive through the miseries and attract interesting people.

6. Do you have deficiencies? How do you struggle against them?

Certainly I have! Everybody has! I am often lack of confidence and I am very sensitive person. I take myself as I am. At the same time I am tolerant towards others’ deficiencies.

7. Family and career are told to be incompatible. One always needs to choose and the choice will always be in favor of the only party. Do you agree?

A lonely woman with a strong character is considered to be an example of carrier growth. As for me, I have a wonderful family which has always been a priority for me. In my life I have managed to combine happy family life and beloved work.

8. What is your favorite dish?

Cutlet a la Kiev.

9. What is your favorite anecdote?

Two mountain climbers, an optimist and a pessimist, fell off.

Pessimist: I am falling down….
Optimist: I am flying!!!!!

10. How do you spend your spare time? What is your hobby?

I had always loved singing and dancing. I used to play guitar in the youth. I enjoyed spending my spare time with my family. When I retired I started to write a book “A place under the sun”. The book tells about my life, my family, my classmates, colleagues and friends.

 Unfortunately, 2 years ago my beloved husband passed. I try to survive the sorrow by spending more time with my grandsons, reading, walking, and spending time at my summer house. Also I am writing (yet in mind) the new pages of my book, dedicated to my spouse – Yuriy Georgievich Eremin, the Captain of the 1st rank.

11. What would you wish to yourself?

Health! Sometimes I need it a lot, but I never complain about it. 

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