Age obedient

Human age is determined by passport, age of trees by rings. Age of ice flow by laces, starts by light spectrum. Civilization age is determined by its most ancient artifact, since – 1st theory. Everything existing in time has its own age and the time is performed by age.

When trees were great

In summer 1968 young American scientist Donald Carry got his diploma in geography. He studied the phenomenon of Small Ice Age. He was allowed to work at Nevada protected area in 1964. He was trying to drill a hole in the wood of a big pine tree but failed, the wood was very strong. So, he decided to cut the tree, and discovered over 5000 rings. Occasionally he cut the oldest tree on the planet. This fact became known soon and it brought our great scandal in the American society. The cut tree was named Prometeus and was 4800 y.o. Today the wood of this tree is displayed in the museum. Nowadays Mafusail, the youngest brother of Prometeus is considered to be the oldest tree of 4842 y.o. This pine tree is growing at Inyo park of California. Today the oldest plants on the planet are protected by federal laws and the breakers will be put in jail.

Ice is moving, ladies and gentlemen!

Scientists didn’t pay great attention to the ice-flow for a long time. Ice drilling started only at the beginning of the 20ieth century when scientists learnt to date the ice. Oras Benedict de Sossur is the founder of glaciology. At the end of 19th century he claimant Mont Blanc ant stated its peak is the tallest point in Europe. He was the one who introduced fashion to alpinism, created a portable diesel heater and wrote a book “travelling in Alps”.

Nowadays glaciologist enables to tell the age of ice, and climate conditions during its formation. Thanks to deep drilling scientist posses ice drill logs.

Today scientist search for information on the past of the planet. In November last year the British scientific expedition stated to drill the ice at Gabburtsev Mountain. The forecasts are to get the frozen water of 1 bln years old.

Time capsule

Apart from microelements there are microorganisms can be found inside ice drill logs. However, the oldest bacteria was founded in the salt crystal of 34 years old. It never stopped living, it was under hibernation. It was discovered last year by the group of the American biologists, headed by prof. Lowenstein. 900 crystals were taken in the Valley of Death, 5 of them successfully woke up and continue to reproduce.

Take it slow when in a hurry

Jonathan turtle is 200 times younger when Lowenstein bacteria, but it is the oldest animal on the planet. His predecessor, Garietta, died in 2006 from heart stroke. There is a picture of relatively young Jonathan at the age of 70. The portrait was made in 1990 during Boer war. Jonathan outlived 8 monarchs, and 50 Prime Ministers. Today he lives at the governor’s residence surrounded by 5 other turtles. He is 178 y.o. , still active and interested in female turtles. He left his motherland, Seychelles islands in 1882.

Good bye, melancholy

Lifetime is extending every year. Medicine progress, better labor conditions, good food and other factors allow us to live longer and be in better health comparer to our predecessors. American Lady, Bess Cooper, born on 26 August 1896 is the oldest person on the planet. That was a year when gold was discovered in California. She is the 3d child in the family with 8 children. She was a teacher. Bess overlived his husband on 48 years, she has 4 children, 12 grandchildren, 15 grand-grand children and one grand-grand-grand son. Her longevity recipe is simple: eat healthy food and don’t worry over trifles. Her 76 y.o. son says his Mom is very active and remain bright brain.

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