Men after 60s

It is important aged men after 60 would have an active position allowing them happily meet 70’s, 80’s and 100’s anniversary. It is known optimists live longer life. 

Average life interval in Roman Empire was 35 y.o. , and 25 y.o. under Stone Age. Today’s average interval for men in Russia is 59 y.o., this doesn’t seem so scaring comparing to the mentioned epochs. On the other hand, 59 y.o. is not enough when we know people can live over 100 years.

There is a tradition while celebrating jubilees to wish living over 100 years. However, we do not pay great attention to this precatory and respond “if only I could reach 65..”. At the same time there is a sufficient number of supercentenarians nowadays. Most of the interviews with supercentenarians stated they are happy and positive people. Hence it appears to leave longer one need to learn living happily and find positive in everything. This is the major key to longevity.

Today most of the employees tend to motivate younger generation, pensioned aged people off. As a result, elderly people are met with loneliness and depressing thoughts. Sometimes it is enough to replace the phrase “I don’t know what to do with my time” for “I have so much time to start something new!” Pension opens opportunities for hobbies, walking, reading, writing, and housework and so on. Psychologists say every person has two activity peaks: in the youth and the one after 55 y.o. 

It is difficult to enjoy life with a toothache or dance when your foot hurts. It is known diseases come as a group, as well as worries. Once you allow yourself to fall ill after 60, you may receive a lot of worries in complex. Active and optimist aged people say: “I don’t have so much time to fall ill!” And they don’t.

Remember, you live when moving. There are opportunities to move in different ways: spiritual life, absorbing new knowledge, travelling for positive emotions and performing your plans!


The article was prepared by V.A.Filozopov

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