A group of 10 unique people

Russian magazine Ogonekpublished a list of ten unique people which are still active despite on they age.


Mr Oskar Nimeyer, 104 y.o. , architect

Mr Nimeyer’s first project was day nursery in Rio de Janeiro. Since then thousands of houses were constructed according to his design projects worldwide. UN headquarters in New York is one of them. He was nominated to a number of world awards, amongst which is the International Lenin’s award for piece between nations. One of his recent works is the International Cultural center in Aviles, Spain.  






Manuell de Oliveyra, 103 y.o., movie director


Mr de Oliveyra was born in 1908 in Portugal. When he was 20 his first début was as actor in “ Works along Doru river” in 1931. In 2010 he has finished his first picture as a movie director “Angelica’s strange story”. He is also known to be a wine manufacturer, passionate horse rider and the car racer.





Kaneto Sindo, 99 y.o. , film director


Mr Sindo was born in Hiroshima in 1945, he has experienced all the sorrow after USA bombardment. One of his first movies was “Children of nuclear bomb” dedicated to the tragedy of the mother city. However, the fame came to him before WWII when he wrote a screen play for “Hatico” movie in 1941. The remake of this movie was on screen 2 years ago with Richard Gear as a main actor. He has directed 45 movies for 60 years. His recent work is “Postcard” came on the screen in 2011.

Vladimir Zeldin, 96 y.o., actor


In February 2012 Mr Zeldin turned 97 y.o. He started from small parts in the theater         followed by his first movie part in “A pig tender and a shepherd” brought him a national fame. Nowadays Mr Zeldin is still playing in the theatre, give concerts, and participate in TV shows. One of his recent works is a joint Russian and Ukrain movie “matchmakers”.

Yury Lubimov, 94 y.o., movie director


His first play was when Mr Lubimov was 18 y.o. He started his career in the theatre followed by working in the folk dance group. He was the founder of Taganka theatre. However this theater brought him severe trials: he lost his soviet citizenship and had to emigrate. In 2011 he had a great conflict with the theatre tem and had to leave, by loosing his theatre.

Doris May Lessing, 92y.o., writer


Ms Lessing is famous for her feminism ideology and for being a Noble prize laureate for literature in 2007. She is also known to be an author of fantasy novels, i.e.  “Guide on how to come down to the hell” published in 1971. Three years ago  she wrote a novel “Alfred and Emily” and stated that was her last work of literature and she wants to quit. 

Ray Bradberry, 91 y.o.,  fantasy writer

He started his career from selling news-papers, when in 1941 several Playboy issues published his novel “451 degree Fahrenheit” which made him famous.  His last novel was published in 2006, annually he publishes storybooks. His hobby is architecture; he has constructed San Diego City Moll together with the developer, Jon Jerde. This Moll became one of the most popular places in the city.

Vislava Shimborskaya, 88 y.o., poetess


Ms Shimborskaya is a famous polish poetess, essayist and the translator born in 1923. She is also a Nobel Prize laureate on literature. She is very popular in Poland as a dissident and “Solidarity” activist. She is still active and continues to work by selling her poetry.

Charlie Aznouvour , 87 y.o., chansonnier


He was a man, brought a real revolution into the French theatre, following his success for 10 years. He was the first French singer got into platinum CD. He wrote 1000 sons, played in 60 movies and sold over 100 mln CDs. Today his songs are performed by  the top singers and he is still active and continue to write and going on tours.  In 2011 he performed in Moscow and got full house.

Petr Todorovsky, 86 y.o., movie director


During the WWII Mr Todarovsky got wounded and while he was in the hospital he decided to become a camera operator. His first movies were about the War and the post war period. In 2005 he was awarded by a governmental order of the 2d grade. In 2008 his new movie “Riorita” was shown to a wider screen.

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