An International Longevity centre “The Energy of Life” was founded in 2010. 

The Scientific and Innovation Centre of Construction and Fire Safety (SIC CFS), and the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation “Women for Safety” are the official partners of the Longevity Centre, providing financial and general support.


 “The Energy of Life” activities include:

  • Promotion of the longevity policies at the specially organised events
  • Lobbing social privileges and medical services for retired people to public organisations.


The major principles of “The Energy of life” activities are based on human rights.

* SIC CFS was founded on 1994.

SIC CFS offers a wide range of fire-safety services, including technical inspection of the building, operation and maintenance.

SIC CFS manufactures fire retardants, materials, fireproof doors and trapdoors, sprinklers.

SIC CFS operates on the territory of the Russian Federation, Baltic countries and EU.

SIC CFS is a member of “Safety Planet” group of companies promoting fire safety services worldwide.

*”Women for Safety” was founded in 2002.

”Women for Safety” organised public events promoting security and safety information in 300 educational and social institutions for children and retired people.

”Women for Safety” is cooperating with regional and municipal authorities on investing the construction of kids play and sport yards; allocation of additional welfares for retired people; foundation of public organisation providing social support for retired people.

”Women for Safety” publishes a variety of printed editions (brochures, pictures, booklets, books and etc), tutorial books (exercise books, posters, kid’s books and etc.) promoting safety and security principles.

”Women for Safety” organises events during the international exhibitions and charity events attracting public attention towards the safety and security issues.

”Women for Safety” is an associated member of CTIF. The Organisation participated in 10 international events and published world fire statistics №13 (2008), №14 (2009), №15 (2010), №16 (2011).

”Women for Safety” is a member of the organisation committee on Zarnitsa sports competition since 2008. The completion is taking place among teenagers of North-West Russia.

In 2008 ”Women for Safety” signed the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and the Illumination of Consequences of Natural disasters. 



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